Run The West Coast Trail Series #3 Fossil Park Langebaan
Sat 17 Aug 2024 @ West Coast Peninsula, Western Cape

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Fossil Park Trail Run

On the 17th of August 2024 we will host our 3rd and final event on the Run the West Coast Trail Series 2024 at the West Coast Fossil Park with breathtaking views of the park, and into the old mining areas that have been rehabilitated.

The fossil site of Langebaanweg is in the West Coast Fossil Park (WCFP), approximately 150 km north of Cape Town, near Vredenburg, on the R45 (a 1.5-hour drive) and is world-renowned for its exceptionally well-preserved fossil faunal remains that date to the terminal Miocene/early Pliocene (circa 5.2 million years ago). 

A national and international team of researchers are currently unravelling the fascinating and unique history of fossils from the West Coast Fossil Park and attempting to recreate the environment and climate of the west coast some 5 million years ago. At this time many animals that are now extinct, such as sabertoothed cats, short-necked giraffes, hunting hyenas and African bears roamed the west coast which then had a more subtropical climate with lush, riverine forests and open grasslands. 

The most common large mammal fossil that has been collected from this site is that of a large giraffe-type animal called Sivatherium hendeyi. Five million years ago, they wandered the earth, following the ancient Berg River from its source in the Franschhoek mountains to where it entered the sea in Saldanha Bay when the sea level was about 30m higher than today.

Run The West Coast is a Trail Run series for the whole family. Young and old can enter and it is suitable for all fitness levels. Walkers are welcome on the 5km and 10km distances. 

Event Info:

5km Run The West Coast - R160 - Start: 9:00
10km Run The West Coast - R180 - Start: 8:45
 25km Run The West Coast – R240 - Start: 8:15

R50 Late entry fee.

All unpaid entries will be removed after 3 days.

Waterpoints will be available. It is however always advised to be self-sufficient when it comes to hydration when you run.

Medals for all. 

Lots of Lucky Draws.

Enter all three of the Run The West Coast Trail Series and get your free pair of high quality running socks!

Full bar facility and great food will be available at the venue. 

Please do not leave any valuables in your car. You can leave it at registration.

Come join us for a fun day out with the family. 

Route profiles will be posted closer to the event as all the runs are on working farms and things can change quickly. Join our Facebook Group at for updated info.

Run The West Coast Trail Series #3 Fossil Park Langebaan

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
17km Trail Run 17 km R 240.00
10km Trail Run 10 km R 180.00
5km Trail Run 5 km R 160.00

Event location
West Coast Fossil Park, West Coast Peninsula

Coordinates -32.9583872, 18.1200084
Address W Coast Fossil Park, West Coast Peninsula, South Africa
City West Coast Peninsula
Province Western Cape